Thursday, May 19, 2011

[ chasing a dream ]

some might say i'm stupid
some might say i'm such a lunatic
some might say i'm not supposed to fly my kite so high

yeah..what eva people.. *fliphair*
say what ever you want to say
i dont give a damn.. darling..
and it wont kill me either
but at least..i know what i'm doing, know what i need
don't you guys ever have a dream?
mind to share a bit?
well..i'm chasing mine now

after taking a safest path for almost 8 years..i'm start to use my brain thinking..why not if i just turn the path a bit and enjoy it as i desired before? sound interesting ha..hoho

so i just made up my mind..planning some crazy idea with my friend..perhaps..two years from now..we would seeing a world with different glasses. insyaAllah.

hani...화이팅!! [fighting!!]

p/s: pergi mati dengan grammar yang tunggang langgang. wakakaka!

10 pengkomeng:

alien said... Best Blogger Tips

ko plan nak beli honda dream ke
boleh tumpang nnti

baincardin said... Best Blogger Tips

nice cloud. :)

Esah said... Best Blogger Tips

yeahh!! aja.. aja.. fighting!! erks! rindoo kamoo.. muachh!!

Selamber Rock said... Best Blogger Tips

amin yarabbalaminnn....

enassempoi said... Best Blogger Tips

ase nak nyanyi lagu "i have a dream" by westlife plak.. hehehe..

lately payah betul nak 'bermimpi' bila tidur asyik 'xlena'.. mimpi2 yang lama.. dah simpan kemas2.. xtau bila nak merialisasikan.. ^^

- G C - said... Best Blogger Tips

pergi mati jugak sebab aku tak faham langsung entri ni.. haha

M.a.A.s said... Best Blogger Tips

gua nak ambil sajak lu ni buat lagu boleh?...hehehehe

k.e.r.i. said... Best Blogger Tips

tak baca pun gua dah tahu tunggang langgang.

ardzmarn said... Best Blogger Tips

sejak nak pegi korea ikut busan nie makin terer cakap orang putih nampak.. keh3

Ren said... Best Blogger Tips